Rules & Regulations

Rules_and_Regulations1. Every student must have his/her identity card while in the school premises.

2. Any misuse or damage to school property is liable to fine, penalty and recovery. If no one owns up the damage a collective fine will be imposes on all students to the group / class /  Classes.

3. All students are responsible tot he school authorities for behavior inside and outside the school premises.

4. Every student must appear for every test and Examination conducted by the school, otherwise they will not be entitled for promotion or filling of forms for Board Examination.

5. Absolute silence is expected in the school library.

6. Ragging, smoking, consumption of alcohol, vulgar indecent dress and unacceptable behavior is strictly prohibited in the school premises.

7. Every notice issued and rules framed from time to time by the principal should be strictly followed.

8. Students must not loiter in the school premises while the classes are in progress.

9. If for any reason, in the opinion of the principal the continuance of a student is found be detrimental to the best interest of the school, the Principal may ask the student to leave the school without assigning any reason and his decision in this regard shall be final.

10. collection of any kinds of funds, entry to the visitors, attending classes other than of their own, organization of any function or activity etc. are all subject to Principal’s permission.

11. Rules of examination should be strictly followed for practical and other activities and absence for this shall be considered as absence for the whole day.

12. Students may be called beyond school timings for practicals and other activities and absence for this all be considered as absence for the whole day.

13. No student absent for more than 3 days at a stretch will be admitted to the class, unless he/she gets a note of absence or Medical Certificate in support of his/her absence.  They should bring their parents/guardians if informed by the class-terrace/sub-teacher.

14. The student shall not play transistor, cassette/CD players, mobiles etc. int eh class and premised of school without the permission of the principal.

15. No personal letter shall be delivered to the student received on the school address unless prior permission of the principal is obtained.

16. Attendance at all the regular, special, extra & remedial classes is compulsory to get the attendance to the students credit.

17. The uniform must conform to the Higher secondary school model and students should attend school in full uniform.  Students failing to conform to this rule are liable to be punished

18. Boys must have short hair and descent hair cut and must not color their hair or their finger nails.  They are required to come clean shaven to school.  Girls are not to use makeup, kajal eyes, lipsticks, nail polish or to color their hair. No colored clips, ribbons, hairbands and rings.

19. Valuables like gold, earrings, bangles, chains, mobiles should not be worn or brought to the school. The school authority will not be responsible for any loss or theft of such articles.

20. All the imported announcements and notices shall be made during the Assembly and shall be placed on the school notice board.  Omission to take note of such announcements shall not be a valid excuse for non compliance thereof.

21. In all matters concerning the institution, its staff and its students, the decision of the principal will be final and binding.